EV Charging 101
Charge at home or on the go.

Plugging in to power your electric vehicle is as simple as it sounds. We can help you make sure you're ready to fuel at home or on the road.

vehicle with station
Level 1 Charger
Basic, slower home charging
Included with every new plug-in EV
Has a cord that plugs into a standard, 120-volt wall outlet
May not require an electrician for wiring and installation
Can provide 4 - 6 miles of range for every hour of charging*
vehicle with station
Level 2 Charger
Convenient, faster home charging
Not always included with EV, may need to be purchased separately
Needs a dedicated 240-volt circuit (like an electric clothes dryer)
An electrician is usually required for wiring and installation, and any necessary service panel upgrades
Can provide 25 - 40 miles of range for every hour of charging*
vehicle with station
Level 3 Charger
Fast charging on the road
Used for public charging
Typically requires 480-volt service
Can provide up to 40 miles of range for every 10 minutes of charging*
*Range depends on vehicle, speed, cargo weight, and other factors.
Where can I charge an EV?

If you have a garage or driveway, you can charge your electric car at home. More and more charging can be found while you’re on the go. Look for public charging at grocery stores, hotels, parking ramps, parks and more.

What charging equipment do I need?

Every new EV comes with a 120-volt charger, called a Level 1 charger, that you can plug into a standard outlet and start charging right away.
Want faster home charging? Purchase a Level 2 charger that uses a 240-volt circuit which may require an electrician to install.

How much does it cost to have a Level 2 charger installed?

Costs depend on your home’s unique electrical setup and wiring. Circuit wiring and panel upgrades may be required to add a new, dedicated 240-volt outlet.

Can I charge an EV when it’s raining?

Yes, EV charging equipment is designed to be safe for use in all weather conditions.

How much does it cost to charge an EV?

With our low, off-peak prices, driving electric equates to spending less than $1 per gallon of gasoline.
Explore EV charging programs and rate options.

Can I charge my EV with renewable energy?

As an Xcel Energy customer, you’re already charging your EV with renewable energy within our energy mix. Additional solar power, wind energy, and other sources all add up to create a diverse fuel mix to meet your energy needs.
Want to go further? Explore your renewable program choices to charge with up to 100% renewable energy.

How can I add charging for my multifamily building?
How do I electrify my fleet?
How can I add charging for my community / business?